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The Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDAWA) has an equipment pool which is available to people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). 

This comprises of a variety of different items including but not limited to: manual wheelchairs, electric beds, communication devices such as iPads and a variety of other items to assist with maintaining  mobility. We are committed to continually expanding our equipment supplies and communication devices but should we not have the necessary equipment, our MND Advisors will try to source the item through different funding streams available. 

For more information on our equipment please contact the office on 6186 4133 or email equipment@mndawa.asn.au

Who can access equipment?

You are eligible to loan equipment through MNDAWA if you are a registered client of MNDAWA and live within WA. There is no obligation to be a Member of MNDAWA, however we must have client details and signed consent to process loans. To receive equipment the request form below must be completed by an appropriate allied health professional.

Equipment available

MNDAWA has a range of mobility equipment, health aids and assistive technology available. These items come in a range of sizes and with a variety of features. Click view available equipment below to view the equipment we currently have: 

Standard Shower Commodes

Tilt in Space Commodes

Bedside Commodes

Shower Chairs

Shower Stools

Toilet Surrounds

Walkers - 4WW, 3WW, rollator

Sara Stedy Hoists

Full Hoists

Manual Wheelchairs - Transit

Electric Profiling Beds

Mattresses - Foam

If you require an item that is not listed above, please contact us to discuss your needs. 

How to get equipment

Your equipment request will be processed by the Equipment Officer as soon as possible after your request is received.

Delivery is subject to the completion and return of loan/service agreements. Once these facets of the equipment process are completed, your order will be processed.

Request forms must be completed by an appropriate allied health professional.

Please complete the request form below or contact our Equipment Officer via email equipment@mndawa.asn.au If you are unable to email requests, please contact our Equipment Officer on (08) 6186 4133 or 1800 777 175.

Request Equipment

Requests are unable to be processed until the client is registered and the relevant paperwork is completed.

Which health professionals can make a referral to MNDAWA?

Generally, occupational therapists and physiotherapists make referrals around equipment that assist with activities of daily living (ADL), transfers and mobility. Speech Pathologists can make referrals around equipment relating to communication. 

Why do health professionals have to make the referral to MNDAWA?

The health professional makes the referral because they have the skills and knowledge to assess an individuals equipment needs. This will ensure that you receive the most appropriate equipment.

Incorrect use of equipment, or using equipment that is not suitable may put the user, care-givers and others at serious risk of injury.

I don’t know a health professional who can refer? 

 If you need help in finding a health professional you can do this by contacting your General Practitioner or you can contact MNDAWA. 

What happens once a referral is made? 

Allocation of equipment

Once an equipment referral is received, the MNDAWA Equipment Officer will allocate the item and forward the Equipment Loan Agreement or Service Agreement (if NDIS-funded) to the client involved or their advocate. This agreement needs to be read, signed and returned to MNDAWA. MNDAWA staff will consult with the referring health professional to confirm the details about the equipment required. This helps to ensure that you receive the most suitable equipment.


All equipment items will be delivered to your home on a day/time agreed with you unless an alternative delivery arrangement is specifically requested.

Some items require adjustments and specific training. You will need to talk to your referring health care professional about arranging this support. Some items can be set up by the delivery team at the time of delivery, though certain items will require input from the referring health professional.

How do I return equipment?

The client, or their family, is responsible for contacting MNDAWA when an item is no longer used or required and ensuring that the equipment is clean and ready for pick up at the agreed time.

MNDAWA will organise for the item to be picked up.  The sooner an item of equipment is returned, the sooner it will become available for another client.  Sometimes the client or their family may be asked to post back some smaller items at their own cost, for example communication equipment. 


With communication devices, clients are asked to have available any packaging that arrived with the equipment when it was delivered if this is practicable. It can be used for re-packaging when the item is posted back. The item should be posted back to our address via registered post.

Drop Offs

In some circumstances, you may be able to assist us by arranging to drop off equipment by prior arrangement with MNDAWA.  This can only be done in business hours. Please DO NOT drop off equipment unless you have made arrangements to do so with us first.

Equipment Request

To place a request, please carefully read the above information before filling out the following form: