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Caring For People with Motor Neurone Disease Workshop

These links are filmed from our Caring For People With Motor Neurone Disease workshop for health care professionals and care providers who are working with MND patients.

They have been developed to help gain a better understanding of the care required by people with MND and their families.

People with MND need an approach to care provision that will help them and their families cope with the complex symptoms associated with the disease, as well as the emotional, social and spiritual needs that they have.  By adopting a palliative approach you will be able to assist people with MND and their family to live with dignity and to enjoy quality of life. 

For more information please visit the MND Connect website for health care professionals.

Go to mnd connect website

MND MDT Symptom Management

What is Motor Neurone Disease? Diagnosis of MND

Psychosocial care for patients and families

Communication and Assistive Technology Service (CATS)

Excessive Secretion Management in pwMND

The Palliative approach to MND care

The role of Physiotherapy in managing MND

Sophie Nunn - Contribution of Occupational Therapy in MND

Dr Rob Edis MND Defining MND/ALS

Dr Rob Edis MND Sympton Management Presentation

Respiratory Nurse Brook Kyle

Communication and Assisted Technology (CATS)

Prof Samar Aoun Palliative Approach to Care presentation

'Walk with me' Leanne Bodley MND Advisor

Prof Samar Aoun Psychosocial Care for families and carers