Dialog Box


Vision, Mission, Values


To be the recognised provider of care and support for people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and their families in Western Australia (WA) by adopting person and family centred best practices.


To lead in the specialist support, enhancement of quality of life, awareness raising and
promotion of research for people living with MND.


Care: Members, clients and their carers are our primary focus. We strive to understand and meet their needs in a compassionate manner to enhance the quality of life and care for people living with MND in WA.

Inclusivity: The individuality of people is recognised and we acknowledge their rights.

Respect: We treat everyone with respect, dignity and patience.

Equity: We strive to enable equity of access to care and support services to people living with MND in WA, irrespective of their geographical location.

Collaboration: We collaborate with professionals to build knowledge and pursue excellence in the care and support of people living with MND.

Quality: We strive for continuous improvement in all we do: From association governance, management of staff and volunteers, liaison with professionals as well as the wider community and relationships with sponsors and partners in the pursuit of quality performance and best practice.