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Community Fundraiser Application

Ready to make a difference?

If you are preparing to host a community fundraising event, we are here to help! Here are a few simple steps:

  • Complete the below application.
    Fundraisers are required to gain permission from the Association prior to starting. 
  • We will provide you with a written Authority to Fundraise letter.
    This can be shown to any businesses you approach for support, verifying that your event is fundraising for MNDAWA. 
  • Gather your resources.
    We can provide you with a copy of our logo, and you can arrange a selection of merchandise which you can sell at your event. Maybe your team or hosts need an MNDAWA beanie or hat to represent the cause?
  • Prepare to fundraise
    You may like to create a fundraiser page on our website to direct donations to. Perhaps you will promote your event on social media?

Complete your Authority to Fundraise Application here:

Community Fundraising Application

By completing this application I accept and acknowledge the following conditions:

•all fundraising activities must comply with all relevant Australian State and Federal Laws

•where necessary, I/our organisation is responsible for obtaining adequate public liability insurance with respect of the fundraising activity

•where necessary, I/our organisation is responsible for obtaining any relevant permits and/or licences for the purposes of the fundraising activity

•the licence holder is not responsible for payment of any of the costs associated with the fundraising activity

•all monies received must be paid to the licence holder’s nominated bank account within 14 days of collection as required by regulation 11(2) of the Charitable Collections Regulations 1947

•I/our organisation must provide the licence holder with an accurate record of the income and expenses associated with the activity and copies of receipts and invoices for all expenses within 30days of the activity if requested

•all advertising and promotional materials used must clearly state that the money and goods are being collected under the authority of the licence holder

•the licence holder’s logo is not to be used without written permission by completing a logo user agreement form

•any collection tins or boxes used in the fundraising activity must be sealed, consecutively numbered and clearly state that the money is being collected under the authority of the licence holder

•cash collections are to be counted by a minimum of 2 people in a private, secure place at or immediately after the fundraising activity

•any door to door collections may only be conducted Monday to Saturday between the hours of 9am and 6pm (as required by regulation 14(1) of the Charitable Collections Regulations 1947)

•any telephone marketing to solicit donations or market goods to the public may only be conductedMonday to Saturday between the hours of 9am and 8pm (as required by regulation 14(2) of the Charitable Collections Regulations 1947)

•collectors participating in any appeal should be issued with and display an identification badge which should indicate the name of the collector, the licence holder and the period that the authority shall remain in force

•no person under the age of 16 years shall act or be permitted to act as a collector

•the fundraiser must keep a record for all monies received and goods sold. The record is to include the name, address and phone number of each person donating

•the fundraising activities cannot be used for personal or commercial gains and all monies collected may only be distributed to the purpose outlined in this application, and

•the licence holder reserves the right to withdraw authority to fundraise under their licence at anytime should I/our organisation fail to meet any of the above conditions.