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Information Resources

There is an extensive amount of information available on the internet about Motor Neurone Disease (MND). It is important to be mindful that anyone is able to publish information online and not all of it will be factual or scientifically proven.

Through MND Australia, we can provide the following resources to help you become accurately informed about MND. If you are concerned or confronted by the information you read please do not hesitate to contact the office and speak to one of our MND Advisors.

For more information you can download the following resources:

Facts about MND

Some Facts About Motor Neurone DiseaseDownload facts

Motor Neurone Disease More FactsDownload facts

MND Australia Background Information on MND February 2021
Download facts

Living Better For Longer

Meeting the Health Needs of People with Motor Neurone Disease

MND Family Carers Toolkit

Family and friends play an important role in caring for their loved one with Motor Neurone Disease (MND).  Whilst the focus is often on the person with MND, we recognise that you might need extra support and information to help you through this time.

The aim of our online Information Toolkit is to give family carers a single location to find information or to direct them to resources designed to help address their needs.  

View the MND Family Carers Information Toolkit.
View Toolkit

For Healthcare Professionals & Service Providers

Talking with Young People About MND

This extensive information pack will help parents to talk about MND with their children.  The series includes booklets for:

Familial MND

Cognitive & Behaviour Change

End of Life Care

Planning Ahead