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It was incredibly heartbreaking to receive the news of Ricky being diagnosed with MND, and it's clear that it's impacted both him and us as a family deeply. The rapid progression of the disease is especially difficult to come to terms with, particularly considering the adjustments Ricky has had to make in his daily life, such as giving up his work, his love and passion of cooking and having to rely on a wheelchair daily.

Every day brings new challenges, as we navigate the complexities of this relentless disease. It has stolen precious moments, shattered dreams, and tested our resilience in ways we never imagined.

Despite these challenges, our family and close friends have come together to support him and are participating in the Walk to Defeat MND on 5th May to raise funds for research and support services.

Participating in events like the Walk to Defeat MND not only raises awareness about the disease but also fosters a sense of community and solidarity among those affected by it.

Ricky's resilience and unwavering spirit, despite the hurdles he's faced since his diagnosis, serve as an inspiration to everyone around him. His ability to maintain his sense of humor and spread joy is truly admirable and undoubtedly contributes to the strength of his support network.

Your support can help fund vital research initiatives and support services for individuals and families living with this challenging disease, every little helps.

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