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As we move into the festive season some of us will be breathing a little easier, time away from work, celebrations with loved ones, hopefully with an abundance of good food and drink.

But imagine if breathing didn’t come as naturally, and if you couldn’t swallow your Christmas lunch.

Imagine if you had to consider the real prospect of trying to take a big breath but little air coming in.

Or not being strong enough to laugh or cough.

How very scary would that be?

Well, that is the reality for many people living with Motor Neurone Disease. MND robs a person of their ability to walk, talk and ultimately breathe.

But there is help at hand. At Motor Neurone Disease WA we can’t stop the inevitable, but we can help people to stay comfortable for longer and this is where our very own Mrs Claus comes in.

Vivienne is our new Respiratory Physiotherapist who helps our clients to cough, sigh, laugh and breathe easier, for longer. She is making a huge difference to our clients but we only have funding until the end of June 2022.

Your donation this Christmas will help us to fund Vivienne’s role into the future and ensure that we continue to support West Australians living with this insidious disease.

"I’m excited to see the difference that can be made when we implement research based tricks and tools in good time – we CAN make coughing and breathing a bit easier, so there’s spare energy for moments of quality and comfort. I am in the privileged position to help implement healthcare services with what works for the family at home. Thank you for helping us grow the service.


Respiratory Physiotherapist

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Paul was diagnosed with MND in August 2020. He is looking forward to spending Christmas with his wife Sue, family and Astro the dog.

“Vivienne has been a great help and the exercises she has given are allowing me to be less reliant on medical intervention.

She makes a real difference and I am eternally grateful for her guidance.

Living with Motor Neurone Disease is challenging but knowing that I am able to breathe easier helps with my journey.”

This Christmas, your donation will support local people, like Paul, living with Motor Neurone Disease, right now, when they need it the most!

Please donate below or call us on 6186 4133!

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