Support Groups

The Motor Neurone Disease Association of WA (MNDAWA) organises a range of different support groups and events throughout the year.  Some are monthly gatherings and others are bi-annual or annual events.  MNDAWA’s support groups and events enable people living with MND and their families to feel connected, guided and supported through their journey with MND.  The different groups and events are listed below.  Please note that some of the monthly functions are planned on weekends occasionally and dates are advertised well in advance.  For more information please contact the office on 6457 7355 or email

Past Carers Gatherings:

Some of our Past Carers meet on a monthly basis to continue their friendships and to offer support to one another.  A morning session is held on the first Tuesday of each month and another is held on the Fourth/last Thursday of each month.  Contact can be made with the MND Office for further information relating to venues and times.

Pamper Days: 

MNDAWA hold three Pamper Days each year. The event is open to people living with MND and their close friends and family to come and enjoy a wide range of pampering together with some light refreshments from 10am-2pm at The Niche, Suite B, 11 Aberdare Road, Nedlands. Various therapies are offered and include but not limited to; manicures, massage, reiki, and kinesiology. Pamper Days are a wonderful opportunity for people living with MND and their families to come together and be treated to different therapies.

View the Calendar below to see when our next support group is on: